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"chief physician today: Are my managerial and communication skills good enough?"

If emerging ambitious doctors thinking about becoming a chief physician, they have to consider about many things. For example: Are my managerial and communication skills good enough?

Published in: "Ärzte" - Date: 4/2010

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"Wolfgang Ihrk as guest speaker at the 5th health-economic congress"

Within the context of strategic co-operations, the specialized service providers for personnel secondment and -placement can be precious partners in order to jointly create and convert new concepts.

Published in: "5. Wirtschafts- und Gesundheitskongress" - Date: 9/2009

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"Ihrk and his wife invite once again" - Wirtschaftsgipfel 2008 (economic summit)

Wolfgang Ihrk, profession Headhunter. With Offices in Hamburg, Munich and Sylt. »Man with the connections« - as he likes to call himself. In the best sense. With benefits for all people involved. Bring people together - who have the same ideas, visions, and conceptions.

Published in: "Sylter Wochenzeitung" - Date: 8/2008

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"Successful economic summit at the Ihrk’s" - Wirtschaftsgipfel 2007 (economic summit)

In the 1st week of August, 120 high-ranking guests from the economy and politics accepted the invitation of the Headhunter Wolfgang Ihrk and his wife Eva Ihrk (architect) to an informal high-level meeting in the jet-set restaurant Gogärtchen in Kampen/ Sylt.

Published in: "Viva Sylt" Date: 08/2007

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"Get-together in Wolfgang Ihrk’s Home" - Inside Kampen 2005

The Headhunter Wolfgang Ihrk from Munich had invited approximately 50 top-representatives of the German Economy for "Brainstorming" in his house in Wennigstedt. With the theme "Think Thank" the former Chairman of the Board of "Colonia Schweiz" hosted.....

Published in: "Inside Kampen 2005" Date: 09/2005

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"War for Talents – now also in Health Care"

The German public health sector is losing its' physicians. According to a new study of the KBV there are momentarily 4800 doctors-positions vacant in hospitals. Even desired senior physicians and head physicians vacancies can often not be filled. The Medica Tade Fair magazine presents the Headhunter "Wolfgang Ihrk".

Published in: "Medica Messemagazin" Date: 11/2004

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"Neutral Consultants are the Matchmakers"

Personnel recruiting is becoming more and more of a delicate topic in German hospital affairs. Even considering the fact that adequate managers for top-positions in economical management have always been difficult to find, this trend is intensifying more and more also for the middle management due to increasing requirements. „Management aktuell" spoke to Wolfgang Ihrk.

Published in: "KMA" Date: 11/2002

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